Turner and Auerbach, Tate Britain

Turner’s watercolours
I was dragging my feet a bit going to see the late Turner exhibition. Last time I went to a Turner exhibition at the Tate I found it overwhelming, too much of the same. I get a bit tired of the blockbuster exhibition thing.

[I did see an interesting exhibition in the Tate Liverpool – Turner, Monet and Twombly. Found a lot of exciting correspondences between Turner and Twombly.)

However I really loved – along with most other people looking – Turner’s watercolours, drawings and sketchbooks. The watercolours very fresh, abstract, free. His sketchbooks fascinating, expressive. 01fda517fcd3c84c454fda933c46f2dfca448f87ae

Frank Auerbach
Enjoyed paintings but again drawings great – heavy lines.- liked life drawing in particular. His paintings used very thick application of paint.
imagesH588IN1J imagesSBL2RP1Q
More and more I find artists’ drawings most interesting when they are displayed.


12 October 2014

Turner prize
Didn’t interest me at all. I would like to discuss my feelings about this.

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