Printing day 3

Oh well, this was not a good day for me.

I was late for the class because I had been at a picket for Charlotte Monro, at an employment tribunal. She is a therapist and trade unionist who has been sacked by Barts Hospital Trust for speaking out at a council meeting about cuts in stroke provision at Whipps Cross hospital where she has worked for 25 years. I also didn’t feel that well so didn’t have my normal enthusiasm for being at City Lit.

What I did
I printed my jug and figs print in a teal colour, and also in two colours – teal and a brighter green. This worked quite well though I ruined a couple by not getting the registration right. I know I am a messy worker. This has proved to be the case at home. After lunch I tried to think of something else to do, but just couldn’t. Eventually I went home early. So this is the sequence.

At home
Last week I’d done a one colour lino print of a section of a pastel I’d done of Nantucket trees. This looked okay but there were too many straight lines.

This week I I decided to try printing in 4 colours because I knew I probably wouldn’t have time left in class. It went okay. I was very messy and got ink all over everything including the borders of the prints themselves.  I started with printing a blue background – as the three colours were added on top of that  it got very messy and I messed up on the registration several times. in the end the whole thing looked too dark – I really had wanted a lighter blue at the beginning. I used dark green and black that were too similar.

I actually quite liked the first one with the blue and light green. I supposethat tells me that simple looks best probably. I also liked the abstract quality that has. So here is the sequence, starting with the pastel drawing. I also tried a print using black on a beige paper at the end. Anyway, here is the Nantucket trees series.

I also did two mono prints based on a drawing and a collage I did last term. I might pursue one of these in class.

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