Day 5 year 2 the woman and the TYPE building

During the week I had a bit of a breakthrough. I decided to take last week’s image and make it  less complete, with more space where something could happen. Last week I’d done a painting over the drawing of the TYPE factory painted over over a few lines based on the orange flats. I pasted a photocopy of the woman and man asleep over the top. As I said last week, Lucinda thought that they photocopied image was too small.

So this week I photocopied my painting and tore it up  into two parts – I’d done this digitally to give me an idea, then put the woman over the top of it. Again the image of the woman was too small so at home I photoshopped a larger image in. I find it hard to think which I like most. Also there is the issue of transparency. I talked to Maggie about the photo transfer – tried this at home, definitely worth exploring.

The whole activity reminds me of when I was very small, cutting black and white pictures of people from my Nan’s catalogue – and moving them around on the table, playing out different scenarios, making up the dialogue.

I also did a very rushed and unsatisfactory version of the woman with the young child and pushchair placed over a manipulated photo of Denmark Hill station which I painted over..Not sure if or how to have a better go at this.

I’d been waiting to try this but went at it too fast, headstrong, and all wrong. I may try this again but have several other ideas I might go for on day 6.


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