Andy Warhol and also collection of domestic paintings at Liverpool Tate

Andy Warhol

I just can’t find the energy to write a proper account of our fairly brief visit to this exhibition at the Liverpool Tate. I had quite a few feelings – like – I can see what he did, the effect he had etc etc – but what was he, really?

Found an interesting article on Warhol and Warholism in The New Republic – a liberal US magazine which a US friend of mine’s son has done some articles and blogs for.

There was a huge Warhol exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in NY – so the article was in response to this. I think on this occasion I’m letting someone else do the thinking for me.

The curse of Warholism

‘Domestic collection’ at Liverpool Tate
An interesting collection – put together from the Tate collection.

A Matisse with a lovely narrow colour range – The inattentive reader
The Inattentive Reader 1919 by Henri Matisse 1869-1954

and a Bonnard, The Bowl of Milk, beautiful shadows and light.
bowl of mlk

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