Sketchbook day 2

End of term 1
What we did today was to build on what we’d done last week – using collage, pen and ink, ink wash, photocopying to develop the images we’d done last week. I worked on the tree bark drawing, and the pen and ink development I’d done last time, and staircase drawing and collage I’d done of the staircase at the Sir John Soames museum. I think the group that had gone out last week found it easier to develop the work – just an observation – because we had all day to work on what we’d done.

Tree bark
I developed this in a number of ways, suggested by Paul. I enlarged the original sketch on the photocopier, then did a monochrome collage using newsprint. Then I did a colour collage. Finally I stretched the image on the photocopier and added torn coloured paper to it. I preferred tearing to cutting.

Stairs at Sir John Soames Museum
I used pages of the Metro to make a colour collage of the stairs – I found the colours very subtle and satisfying.

Other people did some really good stuff…

And we had a night out…

night out 2 night out1

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