Photoshop and drawing theory

We did more on combining images. I made a couple of images using my favourite drawing from the course, over the top of a tree bark print.

Okay – I could go on endlessly doing things like this – but I think for me Photoshop most helpful for preparation – for painting, printing – through trying out colours, layers,, cropping etc – and also presentation.

I already do this though in a simpler way on my ipad using photoshop and brushes.

If anyone’s interested, a while ago I downloaded on my laptop a free legal early version  of Photoshop. To me it seems to have most of the stuff we’ve done. This is the link:

tabletop1web 3
trees and tree bark_web 5

Drawing theory
This was divided into 2 parts.

Practical session
We worked in groups and were asked to work jointly to produce a drawing with particular characteristics. My group’s was along the lines of ‘to produce a drawing that shows the experience of the materiality of things…’ something like that.

We talked for quite a long time about what it meant. We each chose objects that we thought had particular textures – metal, fluffy material, trainer, basket – and all drew something. Then started adjusting things, trying to enhance the qualities.  We ended up cutting the drawing to improve the composition. It was good to work together, though difficult to start.

0191f00010cbea13bc596fce8083e1c4d1315d5d93 01c3fac3ba53fa08dc1530daaa721f66f92395db80

Talking about 4 drawings
We were given four drawings and a list of criteria for looking at them. I’ll write later on the drawing we looked at. We did quite well, got quite close to discovering how the drawing was made.

Probably wait until the other group have done their session.

This was difficult, but good learning. Good to work with Tony Hull again.



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