Day 1, year 2, term 2 – getting going again

Had a bit of time not doing much art over the break. But I was thinking, including things like: have I gone as far as I can with this theme – I put so much energy into my two big drawings at end of last term, but not sure what they communicated.

A few things have helped. Good tutorial with Chris. I think with all of us, confidence is so important, many of us new to making these decisions.

Did a couple of preparatory paintings of Nunhead steps. They are painted in different ways. First (A3)  blocks on colour and lines painted on to grey background. Second (A2) painted on the course, I painted a grey background, but then put layers of colour and lines on mainly by painting on newspaper and transferring onto  the paper. I had watched a video that Joan H had sent round – how artists work – from the 1970s. I liked the textures. Third, at home, I painted a pale turquoise blue background then layers of colour on top. Was rushing so wasn’t so successful with transferring the paint.

Also had another look at another big drawing I did – which I had rejected – but when I looked again, it seemed quite different, better than I remembered. Girl at Elephant and Castle. Also looked at some of my train portraits and put them together.


train portraits






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