Printing day 4

An impressive final session
We all presented our work – it took the whole afternoon. Brian made helpful and appreciative comments. People’s work was truly amazing – so much so that I forgot to take photos for the first part of the session.

Click here to see our group’s work

I also learned so much – I think we all did – and made a list of things that I learned – see below.

What was stunning was the variety of ways people had used printing – we all had had the same introduction but after that we followed our own paths – in terms of ideas and the way we see the world, the way we interpreted the techniques that monoprints and lino printing offered – and also our experience of printing. Personally, at the beginning, as I commented on Day 1 didn’t even really know what a print was.

Click here to see our group’s work

Meanwhile here are a few photos from the session.

Things I learned from other people’s work

  • Monoprinting – use very small amounts of ink
  • Print on different kinds of paper – can’t remember if this was monoprinting or relief printing as well – tissue paper, newsprint, fabric – all looked wonderful
  • Print one print partly to one side of the other
  • Use a biro to get a fine line
  • Apply different colours to the the lino at the same time
  • Put a lino print on top of a monoprint
  • Use different implements to make marks eg a fork
  • Soak water on the reverse side of a (computer) printed photo to get the image on to another surface – think I might need a bit more explanation here
  • Blow up an image on a photocopier after you’ve printed it, then print on top of it
  • Monoprinting – use more than one colour ink
  • Scrape ink off in patches from an inked lino
  • Create depth by using different colours, textures, photocopies
  • Mono print on top of a photocopy
  • Scanning the lino/wood cut can give a 3D surface effect
  • Run your print under the tap (use thicker paper)
  • Draw from life straight onto a monoprint
  • Do a rubbing on a lino cut with a pencil or graphite stick to check what your print will look like – to see if you need more cuts
  • Use photoshop to try out different colours – use the paint, fill tools, magic wand
  • Keep a journal



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