Day whatever…or day 9

Hadn’t ordered a projector to start my three drawings  – just wanted to project  a few lines to get me going. 

I did get a projector, did a few lines, outlines, then drew too much on all of  them, too many edges, then started to do ink washes on the Nunhead steps drawing (on right).

Took them home then started to add more to Nunhead steps. 

Realised that maybe ink wash should come first as Tony had advised I think. 

So started again with Nunhead station steps. Put projector on, difficult in more confined space.

First layers discouraging, dripping, but then added more layers of ink, with kitchen paper, gave basic structure, then a few lines, better.


Finally have started to work into drawing but don’t know how to get many effects. Think will focus on this in class as have not ordered projector again. 


But most of all, have had a bloody hard week trying every day to get to my ART …and failing except once or twice for short time. Organising a conference on NHS next weekend, editing documents for print, liaising with speakers, getting print quotes, checking catering, emailing messages, chairing meeting, printing agendas, organising leaflets plus rotas for junior doctors support and now bloody Hunt has got them to call the strike off ensuring their maximum confusion and disillusion.

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