City Thameslink drawing

Day 5, Term 3, year 3

I’ve drawn this image several times, this one is A1 size,  based on preparatory work i did last week.

i have started an A0 version now. I want to complete at least 3 more very large drawings.


Frank Auerbach

I watched an inspirational video about Frank Auerbach. What an ascetic life – the film begins by saying he paints 364 days a year. His portraits are so varied, woderful. The film has interviews with his sitters some of whom have been sitting for him weekly for 30 or 40 years. I missed the exhibition ar the Tate. You find out about the painter, the man, from them.

And of course I love his paintings of Mornington Road. Endless variation from one płace.

The colours and paint textures of the Mornington Road paintings are visceral – think that I’ve begun to think in black and white.

Makes me think fondly of my New Cross pictures.

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