More beginnings Day 2 Year 2

My project, theme, idea, might be…

Me looking at people on the train looking out of the train window…

It might be me on the train looking at people from the train

Might be just people on the train, or what I see with no people, on or off the train. Get it?

‘The train’ travels between Nunhead and Blackfriars.and St Pancras.

It’s a journey I have made I don’t know hundreds of times – work, travelling round the country, setting off at dawn, returning home in the dark, seven years of crises with my parents in Yorkshire, arriving back, sometimes setting off next morning to some fresh work event or crisis. Now it conveniently stops at Blackfriars on my way to City Lit, my polish class at UCL, Tate Modern.

‘It is hard not to feel that some part of myself is left there, permanently in motion back and forth, a pale reflection in the carriage window overlaid on the fields, skies and buildings rushing past.’

From: Station to Station, Searching for Stories on the Great Western line.


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