Final day tutorial

I  had a tutorial with Chris to discuss directions for next year.

I chose to show the things I liked best from the year –  my large table top drawing, the blue painting I did with my left hand when I’d just broken my right arm, my painting of New Cross at night in the rain, my tree bark prints – in video form, and the video I did for the mixed media presentation.

My tree bark video
This combined sketches from Lincoln’s Inn Fields, photocopies and enlargements, collages
from the sketchbook module in December, then prints that I did mainly at home of Nantucket trees.

The mixed media project video
The video represented the fragmented nature of a place -past and present, human interations with history and the environment. I used photos from Toshi, Joan L and myself. I made abstract images by using sections of the photos and put together a soundtrack created from collected sounds that I chopped up, reversed, reverbed etc.

I’ll try to sum up this year sometime soon.
i think next year’s blog will be very different.

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