My work

My latest piece
Did a drawing of our dad from a photo this weekend.
His name is Kazimierz Adamczyk and he died last year. I found drawing him made me remember a lot about him. He was 86 when this photo was taken – a few months before he died. He had on a new shirt I’d bought him on Catford market which he liked very much. I did another drawing of him around 18 months ago – this drawing is much better I think. Looking at it I can see lots of things wrong. One thing I shouldn’t have done was to use an ink wash before I was sure it was as good as it could be. I just wanted to use the ink! Then it was hard to change things. Also I think it’s good to leave your work and come back to it. I may well try and change it again…


These are a few things of the things I’ve done that I like – some at home and some at City Lit. I’m very aware that I’m just starting out in every way. Just trying things out and enjoying the process.

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