Photoshop/Painting 2 Day 1

We learned how to put text on images – not sure how I would use this in an art project,  but useful for websites etc though have been using other programmes to do this – creating web banners etc – my daughter who is very skilled in this taught me.

Did layers again – feel a bit more confident about moving things around. I seem to be obsessed by my table top drawing and putting it on top of a textured tree bark pattern. I did this all over again – repetition is important – I only used one colour, quite pleased with the result. Later, at home I put another drawing from last term over the top of two layers of tree bark.

Painting 2, Day 1
We’d been asked to do some preparation based on a walk taken locally.

Two roads meeting
I was a bit uncertain about what was wanted but walked down to the bottom of our road and turned right, to a local focal point where the Old Kent Road meets the A2. It’s a place where something is always happening – mainly traffic. Buses, lorries, and an emergency vehicle almost every minute.  I would say it’s almost completely devoid of what I would call more bourgeois elements – no delis, no middle class cafes (we had one that tried, it’s just shut down), more the halal chicken n chips type of place, shops of the Londis kind, a dry cleaner, 2 hair salons, one called Curl up and Dry, and on the other side, 2 solicitors (criminal work a specialty) and a pub which also has ‘rooms’.

I took photos – it’s not a great place to sit and draw – there’s often quite a few people around drinking lager outside the Post Office and near the bus stops. (Sorry this sounds like lager drinking is a dangerous activity but this is 9 in the morning, as well as through the day.) So I took photos. I still would really like to do a live drawing however.

Since I took the photos and did my sketches it’s completely overturned what I think of the place. There are so many interesting shapes and corners, I find it hard to know what I’ll concentrate on.

I did a sketch of the confluence of the two roads – since the class I’ve done a night shot of this – really exciting. So here is my sketch together with the photos.

The pink shop
I focused on two features on opposite sides of the road. One was a fruit and vegetable shop that’s recently appeared – more like a stall as the window doesn’t have glass in it. It used to be a print shop, hence the name Digipix and the sign T-Shirt’s printed here. The produce is great – the shop owners didn’t look too sure about me taking photos really, but they agreed. The thing about the shop is the wonderful magenta colour. I did a sketch with chalk pastels and charcoal. Later on my way back from class I also took a night shot which I’ve had a go at with charcoal and oil pastels.

The archway
The second feature I focused on is an archway that leads through to a newish block of flats. The archway looks really exotic – reminds me of a photo I took in Morocco – there’s actually a blue stain on one of the walls that is really Moroccan. Also the Victorian building next to it has stripes in the brick – rather in the style of the Cathedral in Cordoba.

I started  the sketch in pencil but then went on to pen and ink, and put in some ink wash for the shadows. The different styles of architecture in this very small area is amazing.

I hadn’t noticed any of this before. I took a night shot of the archway too on my way back from class – I have to cross over near there when I get off the 172. It looked amazing – a luminescent yellow.

I had a go at it with oil pastels on a dark acrylic background, but it doesn’t really do it justice and needs a more considered painting.

It was very good indeed to experience the contrast between day and night. My sketches in oil pastels look very much like children’s drawings, I was doing them quickly and haven’t used oil pastels before. An enjoyable medium.

I can’t wait to start painting. I think I have a series of paintings here.

Finally on the first walk, there was a boy and girl eating breakfast out of a carrier bag sitting on a raised bit of pavement. It was so touching, I asked them if I could take a picture. They agreed but I don’t think they spoke much English. I did a reasonable pencil sketch of them later – the boy is good, but need to work more on the girl.




1 thought on “Photoshop/Painting 2 Day 1

  1. marilyn

    I can see how an area you have lived in takes on a different light by what you are doing and makes it far more interesting. I like your drawings especially The Arches you really have an eye for ‘how it is’


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