Large drawing/small drawings?

Day 7, Term 3, Year 2


A strange day. Awful weather has set in for June, arrived soaking wet with my things all wrapped up in bin bags. Including a massive  A zero piece of paper that I’ve taken home three times and brought back, still blank. It’s waiting for a really extraordinary  drawing that may never happen, time is running out.

Finished City Thameslink drawing – put in more darks and lights. Is it this weather, this feeling, that makes me obliterate everything with darks, black, black, charcoal, pastel? Maybe need to go back to once more as my eye on right hand side has disappeared, as has the lovely man reading on the left. I don’t feel strongly about this drawing.

Type building

Went for a trip out with my husband Tony on freezing Bank holiday Monday to find the Type building which I’ve photographed and viewed from the train many times. We or rather he,  found it down an alleyway and eventually managed to get let in. It was a bit overwhelming to be up so close to something I’d always viewed from a distance, but unlike some film stars it didn’t disappoint. A powerful and fascinating building, probably a paper factory.

It has the same kind of integrity, of former working lives, as a coal mine, I have an old photo of my grandad’s pit at Royston. If I lived back up north I might try to draw pits. They don’t exist now, except as museums, obliterated before time by brutal Thatcher. But you can visit all those former places and lives at the Online Coal  Mining Museum Facebook Page.

I found a chair to sit on and do some sketches but it was freexing cold and starting to rain. I’ll go back to do more.

I will definitely do something with this building.

Small drawings

Finally, encouraged by Chris to to some more small drawings, did this one from Nunhead Station, early morning.










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