south east london reflections, train journey video

Making the video
I  made this video in August 2015 when thinking about what the theme for my Year 2 project might be. I felt very unclear about it after I made the film but in fact after all it’s been very useful as a mine of images and information. I took a lot of stills from the video and since then have taken further still photos of some of the buildings that stood out for me, and lots more photos of people.

It’s fairly easy to take random shots of people with a phone but much more invasive to openly film them with a video camera – catching reflections is easier..

Using the video
I’ve drawn, painted, photocopied, and played around with many of the buildings and images from the film – I feel I now have an far more intimate relationship with the train journey than I had before. When I watch the video again I am looking out for key buildings, images, flashes of light, bits of graffiti.

I filmed the journey from Nunhead to Blackfriards, but then actually travelled up to St Pancras which is my normal stopping point. So on the return I filmed from St Pancras to Nunhead. There are some interesting images on the St Pancras to Blackfriars stretch of the journey but I don’t know if I’ll have time to explore them.

On the outward journey from Nunhead to Blackfriars, there are several blocks of flats with interesting patterns. The sun on the windows, the buildings, flashes of light, tunnels and reflections are really interesting. On the journey back there are some views of older buildings with the Shard in the background around Elephant and Castle. I also like the view of Peckham High Street and the disused multi storey car park.

In particular on the return stretch I’ve become obsessed with the old factory with TYPE written on the side of it, also with the patterns on a couple of blocks of flats. I’ve used these as layers.

See my posts from Year 2 from day 1 onward.

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