Day 7 year 2: The Man at Blackfriars Station

Before I get on to oil painting and all that, at home I did a slideshow because Lucinda suggested that I do that, with the images from my film that I projected on to my drawing (Jon Ros’s suggestion). Very happy to play with this – just did it quickly – photos are in wrong order and I had to learn how to extract sound file from video – which I did okay once I’d remembered. I could do more with this when I’ve got more time.

Tearing up my Picture

I had made 2 or 3 full sized  photocopies of my drawing the previous week. I tore one up into strips and stuck it down, to give the feeling of looking through the window, moving. I put another together and painted it in blues and greens with acrylic and glue to give it translucency. Didn’t really like it but later it looked better when I tore it up at home.


The Man at Blackfriars Station

Ended up starting an oil painting. There is a figurę in one of the projections I did – the film image was from Blackfriars Station. The Man is a very intruguing shape, waiting to get on the train. Lucinda had previously gave some good hints on composition eg quickly drawing out a few options,  and squaring off the paper a bit.


I was apprehensive about starting oils again – but it felt very good in the end – I remembered that perhaps this is the thing I like best. Remembered mostly to keep the paint thin. Looking forward to carrying on with this next week. Am working on another at same time with different colour palette.

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