Judy Greenway

This was my first time printing, and I decided to do as much experimentation as possible. I’m very interested in the way surfaces change as a result of time, wear and tear, vandalism, deliberate or accidental alteration, etc., and printing seems like a good way to explore this.

The images here are all based on one of my own photos, modified versions of which can be seen in images 2, 3 and 7. I began with an increasingly abstract set of monoprints, then tried combining a very simple linocut with monoprint painting directly onto the cut lino. For Number 7, I printed one of these onto an enlarged photocopy of the modified photo I began with. Lastly, I tried a very simple woodcut, abstracting from the original image, and trying out the effect of different direct applications of ink to make three monoprints on a dark background. The first of these, 8, has a thin layer of ink, rubbed off in patches. The last, 10, has a very thick and uneven application of ink giving a 3D effect to the final image.

Click on first slide to view slideshow



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