Mixed media Day 4 – Presentations

The presentations went brilliantly. More photos later. This is the full video of the four presentations and discussion afterwards.

Our presentation – Aiscianna, Joan, Olivia and Toshi
Our presentation was based on all the things that constitute a sense of place in Lincolns Inn Fields – history and current times, buildings old and new, patterns in the built and natural environment, human interactions,

Our presentation had three parts
Computer based media were deliberately contrasted with the handmade map on brown paper. All drew on the same images and discussions. The collection of different media in a box, the game with the playing cards, the use of sound and video, drew on the ideas of the Fluxus and Art Povera movements we had researched.

Our presentation involved:

  • a video and sound collage made from sounds and photos collected during our walk with a sound recorder and photos on our phones and ipads
  • a hand made map on brown paper
  • an old wooden box containing postcards with leaves on the back – containing written messages from texts relevant to Lincoln’s Inn fields, messages in many languages
  • also in the box were loose leaves – real and printed, also with message and texts
  • finally a card game made out of images collected from the walk

This is the video from our group’s presentation. I’ve missed out here the two minutes sound only.

Here are images of the map, the postcards and leaves in the box and playing cards (photos from Judy Greenway and also video stills from the overall video).

More images from the map

More images of the box of leaves, postcards and cards


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