Painting, Day 1

‘Objects can emerge through the surface of the paint’

Started painting module with Chris Hough.

We started out by painting an orange ground. Chris explained you can use additive colour – start dark get brighter or reductive – start brighter, move to dark. He suggested you can add linseed oil to medium with darker tones.

With paint thickness  – you can start thin, and add layers or start thick and take paint off.

We started out by painting the orange ground, then the dark tones – we had started like this before with Tony – but difference was Chris was VERY definite that we were not to draw shapes and fill in – but to paint the shapes with multidirectional strokes of the brush – avoiding outlines – NO EDGES.

Quite difficult to achieve this – particularly with the black shiny vase on the left of my painting. We were using double size paper – so quite hard for me to paint with my left hand – my right arm in sling and shoulders very painful. But managed and really glad I went.

After adding dark, we added mid tones and then white, using a monochrome palette, painting big blocks.

At an certain stage we were asked to then redraw the shapes over the top using chalk – this time measuring within and between the shapes as we had done in drawing to achieve a more fully realised image. Chris said that if basing a painting on real objects, needed to be the best it could be. We then could repaint the shapes using dark, medium and light. Again we were supposed to avoid edges and detail.

Chris said ‘ objects can emerge through the surface of the paint’.

I was only very partly successful.  The vase stands out glaringly from other objects. Difficult to control the paint with my left hand – not just painting with left hand but balancing palette on stool, changing brushes etc  etc, all very tiring. Colleagues again very helpful.


1 thought on “Painting, Day 1

  1. marilyn

    II looks good and even more so with all the difficulties you have to cope with..I don’t know if I would be as patient as you with everything you are told to do. You definitely started me drawing again I am Very rusty but will keep going and eventually want to water colour, it will be new to me but its something ive wanted to do for a long time .

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