Small drawings

Day 8, final term, Year 3

At home I had done a drawing of a mother and small girl at Nunhead Station. Not all trains stop here and trains are often cancelled, so people waiting have a sense  of being there for some time, expectant, but not knowing when the wait will end.


In class I completed one drawing and did three new ones. I feel these images are embedded in my brain.

Denmark Hill Station is low down surrounded by high walls. It’s an old station, with old fashioned columns and windows. The station always provides complex images, glancing off windows but quite dark so you are aware of people and things inside the train, reflected in the windows, as well as what is seen outside.


Peckham Rye Station has a special bleakness. It’s high up and you can see a long way when you’re on the train,  waiting for passengers to get on and off. You get great views of different skies – blue, grey, clouds, night and day, endless changes, over the long fence or wall.


Crowded train at City Thameslink Station.


The walls of St Pancras Station are modern, dully polished metal and give great  reflections.





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