Drawing Day 6


Day 6 already and the end of the drawing section. I do feel that I’ve learned a lot. Didn’t do that much on my drawing because of doing it left handed eg didn’t use inkwash – later added some of that on my ipad uses Brushes programme which is interesting. Colleagues in class were amazingly helpful to me with my broken arm.

What I learned really came from Tony’s comments during the morning and at the end. He was saying, I think, that I’d ended up with something that represented more than the marks on the page. The objects on the table are there – and I was fairly pleased with what I’d done – but he suggested that I think of the various ghostly images as the history of objects placed for example on the kitchen table. Thinking about that immediately made it more for me. Made me think about further possibilities in relation to the table and to other contexts.

Added a few more marks with brushes programme on ipad, just playing.





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