Sculpture Day 1

A new term. We thought it was going to be mixed media but it turned out to be sculpture. Our teacher Alex wants us to make shapes with out bodies to indicate movement. Wanted our work ultimately to show this – not to be something that was just ‘there’ – though I’m afraid mine might end up like that.

Alex doesn’t want kinetic sculpture eg AAlexander Calder – whose work I like. However she did say there was no right or wrong. On the morning we drew – I drew one after another of similar arm reaching movements like it had taken over my brain, In a desperate attempt to change at th end of the morning I did a head and shoulders moving.

 Lots of creative ideas from the group.

Working with clay

Working with clay was great – the feel of it, moulding it. We were asked to choose one drawing – thinking about the wood carving I chose the head and shoulders one and one of the arm drawings.


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