Drawing 2 Day 3

A very long journey in to class meant I couldn’t start my drawing till 11.45.

We had to choose one of our drawings from last week – Tony then photocopied and enlarged it- then I gridded it and also re gridded my large drawing of boxes.

I then had to transfer parts of the photocopied drawing onto the large grid. I started this but then it was lunchtime. After lunch was a very long ‘crit’ on each drawing from Tony where we had to say what we liked, what waśni working, and where the drawing could be developed. Eventually I got into this though felt I had done very little of my drawing.

I then added more to my drawing, rubbed some parts back, and added some parts of one of my single line drawings to the to left and bottom right.

I don’t know why but I don’t feel much commitment to the drawing, There are probably many reasons why, but will wait till it’s finished to see how I feel.

Next week we have our end of year interviews.

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