Day 3, Term 2, Year 2…And another big drawing

I liked last week’s drawing but then filled it up rather too much. Doing this on my iPad which is driving me crazy.


Then another big drawing, also inside the train.

I like this image,  it really conveys the kind of weird, noisy late night journeys I have. The trains leaving from downstairs at St Pancras, going South East, make a screeching noise that’s quite unique in my experience, amplified by being bounced off the metal walls. Then suddenly you’re away from new steel St Pancras, going thro a dark high-walled, Victorian section towards Farringdon. I’ve also done some photoshop work on the image,  coloured it.


Also, using all the wrong equipment, and acrylic paint mixed with glue instead of ink, tried to do some printing of the Nunhead steps image following a rather bad YouTube instructional video. But, looking back on our printing ideas, think may try one or two things.


Using ink this time did  monoprints, two on printouts of the Nunhead steps.





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