Today in Paris


Had a good day today, drawin I n the Louvre, then a visit to the Georges Pompidou Centre – saw an exhibition which attempts to define and present in themes the history of art since the 1980s eg artist as archivist, artist as narrator etc. I found it educative, purposeful. A wide range of forms – from political paintings, photos, video, animation, 3D work. Worth visiting/seeing for me. Drawing in the Louvre            image The Georges Pompidou exposition – a few images from the ‘themes’ exhibition                 

2 thoughts on “Today in Paris

  1. rory01 Post author

    Yes I have. It was okay, not amazing. I felT that a lot of things weren’t there – of course they are in Spain, Côte d’Azur, New York etc. also wasn’t clear about how they chose to present his work – think it was thematic rather than chronological. But there are many ways of doing this, be interests to know what you think.


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