Day 3 Year 2 to photocopy or not?

We had a good session from Chris on preparing and stretching a canvas. He puts 8 coats on his.

The piece I did last week was based around the Peckham multi storey car park.

When our daughter was younger we lived in Peckham and we used to park our car there when we went shopping, later on when we went to the cinema.  It never felt very safe. I think it might be closed now – everybody uses the big open car park next to Morrisons (formely Safeways). However my train goes past it nowadays on the way to Nunhead.

I drew  the car park in  charcoal and then drew two figures on it – one based on a photo I’d taken of a guy on the train, and also one of myself,  looking out of the window. He is looking at his phone. I liked the car park but didn’t like the drawings of the guy and myself so I photocopied the photos, cut them out  and stuck them on. Also started drawing of a factory that’s caught my eye.

Have done two or three pieces in my sketchbook to prepare for next week. One has the factory in the background, the other has a photocopy of a woman with her two children over an oil pastel drawing of Denmark Hill Station seen through the train window. I quite like this one. Also have an idea for a a three layered painting, more abstract.

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