Sculpture day 4

Very quickly writing this in Paris – don’t think I will make a woodcarver despite any Polish genetic dispositions. 

Took me a long time to get where I got to, at one point I maybe would have liked to go back and do something different but couldn’t within the time frame and there wasn’t time in the end to go on and create something additional. I have got a couple of ideas from other people that I may try out. 

I felt others in the class were far more thoughtful and creative – don’t know if I was just tired, post electoral depression, or just not ready to think three- dimensionally.

However, It was good to work with Alex and felt I got insights into a process of carving that give me renewed respect for all works of sculpture and felt, strangely, the weight of past generations upon me. Those cathedrals, my god. 

Huge amounts of persistence, physical strength, grit, as well as all the visionary stuff.



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