Animation day 1

Angel talked to us about animators – recommended that we look at some of them on Youtube. As with other areas of activity eg printing, I haven’t really any conception of animation as art. I have done a little with children and used a simple animation programme but that’s all.

I looked at some of the artists Angel recommended:

Lotte Reineger 
I watched Hansel and Gretel – the shadow puppet images reminded me of a children’s books I’d read long ago, something very dark about them. But what a pioneer she was, watching her create an animation of Papageno on a clip The art of Lotte Reineger was really instructive.

Norman Maclaren
Neighbours – this was quirky – I could see the links with what we’d done last week with objects and ourselves.

A phantasy in colours (1940)
phantasy in colour2

I think this is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen visually – I was blown away by it. The quality of the images and the expression of the music through them is so complex and clever. I feel really inspired by it.

I’m really interested in music and images -but only in the sense of making videos using music, video and photographs but this is something else.

Making your own animation using your PC
Wiki how gives 5 ways of making a Stop Motion animation. I can’t wait to try it – just been too busy this week.

Creating an animation
We were asked to create an animation – firstly to use objects with ‘feeling and intent’ behind it. We were to use stop motion.

Working together with Linda and Bette we created a brief brainstorm, then a storyboard.

We chose to animate the studio lamp and orange juicer from the still life cupboard, and also to have ourselves come in at the end taking on and off the welding mask. It was quite a challenge – Bette did amazing work with the orange juicer, getting it to move step by step. The whole thing was on the theme of openings. Hopefully I’ll be able to put it up next week.

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