Diebenkorn again/Summer Exhibition

Went to see Diebenkorn exhibition again before it comes down. How pleasing it was. i spent quite a long time looking at most of the paintings. Made notes, things like subtle brushwork, going this way and that, thin layers  of paint, such a great use of colour.

Watched informative symposium on Diebenkorn from San Francisco on Youtube – presenter talks about various influences on Diebenkorn – on his composition, use of colour and thinking.

RA Summer Exhibition William Kentridge
Very interested to see some works of William Kentridge displayed. Much of his work is political, based in struggles in South Africa, as it could not fail to be, growing up in Johannesburg. Black trees – ink and charcoal I think, over print backgrounds, use of text. Apparently his father represented Nelson Mandela in the Treason Trial.

“… series of large drawings of trees in Indian ink on found encyclopedia pages, torn up and reassembled, analyzes the form of different trees indigenous to southern Africa. Drawn across multiple pages from books, each drawing is put together as a puzzle – the single pages first painted, then the whole pieced together.”




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