Animation day 3

I showed my animation based on my sketchbook drawings of New Cross. Even though it’s really rough, I had to do it 3 times. The app on the ipad is really limited, my phone was too old to download the camera software so the ipad had to be camera and app. Hard work.

i also did an animation using the Norman Maclaren app.

Animation session 3
Well, Linda had to go home, Wolfgang was away, so Bette and I soldiered on with part 3 of the ‘easels’ animation. It was hard with just two of us – we have criticisms of what we did, but Bette did sterling work with the drawing on the easel. Sorry Bette but my copying of the files onto my memory stick of our part one didn’t work. Here is part 2.

Angel wants us to check out Yuri Norstien this week, especially Hedgehog in the Fog

Angel and others gave us some interesting information:

  • There is a Norman McLaren app – Emma and I got very excited – I’ve  downloaded it and tried it out – see above.
  • There’s a book Ipad for artists
  • Maggie said that the Canadian Film Board have a very good section on animation, also see work of Leon Lye.
  • Angel showed a book – the Channel 4 Factor – which discussed their prize winning animations.

2 thoughts on “Animation day 3

  1. rory01 Post author

    It goes back right to the beginning… I’ll adjust it today to show all the posts. There should be some way of grouping them in an archive but haven’t tried to find out.

    Thanks for your comment on my work – I’m starting the developing artistic practice course soon – so I Expect I might be blogging about that. I’ve set up a website -but it’s more static than a blog, not so interesting. However, with my blog, just have to say, I felt I ran out of steam towards the end – it was more I did this, then I did that, this was rubbish, this wasn’t so bad…
    Good luck and let me know your blog address when you start it.


  2. theeggsinmybasket

    Hi Olivia! I am just starting the City Lit fine art course and came across your blog. Is this the oldest post, or are there more – it doesn’t seem to go back any further than this. We’ve just done Day 2 Year1, I’m writing a blog too though not publishing yet. I love your work!


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