Painting Day 3

We chose one of our four drawings to create a painting. I found it hard to choose. In the end I chose the drawing I probably liked least but was most suitable – areas of light, medium and dark, not too complete. We were asked to treat the drawing as the subject of the painting, rather than to focus on the original still life.

We created different palettes of 3 colours – a dark, medium and light – some form of red, some form of blue and some form of yellow. We could create a background in another colour.

We created a small version of the painting drawn out – and then could apply the colour palette we’d chosen. This painting can be named, stored and you can go back to it and try colour adjustments. The back ground can be painted in acrylic, or you can drag oil paint across a surface painted with acrylic.

This is what I did – I was too involved in painting to make many notes. I liked my colour combination – but feel that the grey is too dead on the page – I want to change that next time.

My palettes

I chose blue, orange and grey. I created a pinky background by dragging a rag dipped in pink across the white acrylic background.


My try out painting


My painting


As usual very restricted by my arm. Other people did fantastic paintings.

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What I learned
What I learned was a method – to create a range of colour palettes, to try them out. To create a smaller version of the painting, try our the colour palettes and then keep for later as a reference point.

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