Mixed media Day 2

This week just brief notes below from our discussions. In the afternoon Lucinda showed us some processes for changing images – projection, using OHPs, image transfer.

Our group went out again in th afternoon, took more photos, I did a lot of sound recording.

Reports from research on Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Reports on artists, movements
Janet Cardiff
Ontario – guided Walks video and spoken, filmed self walking thro – you can download and you see something different
V successful, won Venice biennale
Now moved into building rooms/ installations
With videos it’s just you
Film within a film alter bahnhof
Sense of place, memory

Grayson Perry
Gilbert and George – constructing personas
Traces, marks left by people

Ori Gersht
Israeli, UK trained. Teaches photog Rochester Kent
Mainly photographer video
Main themes life, death, violence, beauty
Relationship bet live, beauty. Life
Can violence be beautiful
Political films

Francis Alys
he was Belgian
B 1959 went to Mexico – earthquake
Studied architecture and engineering
The green line
Video work, walk, some overtly political – walking bro urban areas, unravelling sweater, dribbling paint,
Ice cube – pushing round
Walking railings

Our report – just a few brief points on fluxus and Arte Povera

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